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The truth behind the clan 


Casamonica - Le mani su Roma is a 180 minutes documentary split in 2 episodes of 90 minutes each.


It narrates all the cruel truths behind the Mafia Clan that raised in Rome suburbs in the last 15 years.

This was my first experience as graphic designer for a so huge and complex documentary and it was challenging to find the right linguistic register to follow the concepts it narrates.

It is full infographics about the member of the clan, full of maps of the places where the clan operates, a lot graphics from telephone tappings, and many more.


Actually a must-watch documentary.

My original idea was to represent Rome as a gilded city (gold is one of the iconic elements of the clan) and the clan as a bloody red stain that expands over the city corrupting it and transforming it in something like the Stranger Things "Upside-Down"

This was my first version of the logo, 

However my idea was considered too much pulp and I had to refine the concept: i removed the bloody stain from all the graphic elements and the "Upside-Down" became a lighter gilded spider-web

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