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Dream Degree

or how to learn rocket science


Dream Degree was a prototype app that wanted to become a school tutor for college students, such as many other eLearning app it used a system based on handouts, exercises and tests.

This app also allowed the user to choose the various subjects to study and use to have an internal machine learning algorithm to adjust the learning path of the final user.

Last but not less important it was provided of an internal messaging system to keep in touch with the college teachers and a dedicated wall for all the students/users to compare, collaborate or just to get some help.

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Color Palette
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I have to admit that this project was super exciting for several reasons:

First of all I had to work with an international team of very interesting people.

They had a great expertise in education and learning processes and every time we had a chat it was always inspiring.

Second of all this was my first major project as Ux Designer and I had the opportunity to face my limits.

For this project I used the metaphor of a space trip where star systems were the different subjects and their planets the topics to master.

It was very challenging all the time because this product had a lot of very complex features but I had great colleagues and I can say all the members of our team had to work a lot but always found the best ways to make everything possible.

I really loved I could animate all the elements to make this app very appealing and I was very proud of the prototype​.

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