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Epic Twins

full graphic package for a crazy TV Show


This product was committed by Blaze, a new Sky channel.

To explain the format I can say it is like a softcore Jackass: basically two twins have fun watching silly stuff, making pranks and crazy pointless challenges.

The idea was to create a fancy arcade graphic environment to place side by side to the main characters.

First Draft

For a first graphic proposal I thought to explore the origins of arcade games and I was inspired by the 8bit graphics of the first Nes.

I wanted on one hand to let emerge both the competitive aspect that distinguishes the challenges to which they submit and on the other hand the elements of fun and joke that depict the mood of all the episodes.

Second Draft

The idea of ​​the first arcade games and the use of pixelated images was welcomed with pleasure, however it turned out to be too simple to be a television format, so I followed the natural evolution of the consoles and I used the 16bit SNES layout.

To keep the concept of "challenge" I used a "Mortal Kombat" fighting-game style.

Final Draft

the next proposal proved to be the best one: I chose to keep the idea of ​​"pixel" but to evolve it in a more modern version, extruding them in 3D and transforming them into physical objects that collide with each other.


All flavored with the faces of the two twins' pixelated avatar and giant exploding bomb!

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