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Le Ragazze

4 generations of ladies telling their stories


"Le ragazze" is an Italian Tv format made by Pesci Combattenti for Rai3, in each  episode there are 6 ladies talking about their lives when they were 20 and about the main events that characterized that decade.

Every episode starts with the tales of a woman from the 40's and finishes with a 20 years old girl.


The main concept was pivoting around a plant growing and blooming from a generation to another, the chosen flower was the magnolia, that has usually 6 petals each for every lady in the show.

We choose also to associate a color for every decade to make everything more colorful and to explicit the decade the ladies were talking about (lavender for 40's, yellow for 50's, orange for 60's, red for 70's, fucsia for 80's, azure for 90's and green for 00's).

The title sequence should be all about emotion, history and women, I wanted it to be powerful, full of colored images picturing iconic moments of the various decades and I used some blooming magnolias and recurrent element.

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