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Le Ragazze del '68

women and 60s to the nth degree


"Le ragazze del '68" is an Italian Tv format made by Pesci Combattenti for Rai, every episode there are 2 ladies talking about how do they lived the 60s, a decade in which girls get their independence, everything was about freedom and revolution but at the same time there was a huge economic boom and the raise of the first technologies.

I started studying all the main elements of that decade, first of all the fashion, in this way I discovered how fascinating were all the various patterns of the clothes of the time and decided to use them in my work for sure.


60s were also the year of the Psychedelia and so the Op Art, the perception become more subjective and people were more open to lsd and mushrooms.

One of the most emblematic elements of this years were the lava lamps and I was so inspired by their elegant and flowing motion that i decided to use it as leitmotif of all the graphic elements.

Every episode is told by 2 very different women so I chose to create some duality with the use of colors, magenta for one lady and cyan for the other one.

The following video is the title sequence of the second season of the Tv show, same logic, different women.

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