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Make Your Wish

a bully Christmas content


Mediaset and Huawei have joined forces for the launch of Nexus P10 smartphone and wanted something realized ad hoc for Christmas.

Basically they wanted something young and fresh but at the same time related with Christmas Eve, gifts, trees and all the most traditional elements of this festivity.

Children in Italy have something called "Advent Calendar" that punctuate the time 'till Christmas, basically it is a calendar with 25 boxes (one for every day from 1st to 25 December) and every day the children can break a box and get a prize, usually a piece of chocolate.

We wanted to make the same thing with this 15 different commercials: every day a new video with a new character to fill the calendar at the end of the video. 

At the end of each video the actor put the star on top of his decorated tree and express his desires.

I used the star as main graphic element and wanted it to resemble like an app icon, since it was for a smartphone promotion. I also used the same app-style for the boxes of the Advent Calendar at the end of each video.

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