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a colorful opening for a vintage TV Show


Retromania was a very exciting project. It was a format produced by Minimum Fax Media for Sky Arte and I really loved the team I worked with, every one of them was truly amazing.


This TV show talks about all the musical supports and how they evolved during the decades, so basically they wanted something that was very music-centric but very young and fresh.

“Retromania” really means obsession with past things so I really wanted to keep the “mania” concept inside the equation which ment I had to go full speed on bright colors.


This was quite challenging because all the 5 episodes of the show were very different, the first one is about 70s and vinyl disks, the second one was about the 80s and music tapes, then there were the 90s with the CDs, and the last two episodes explore mp3s and videoclips.

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